Download Paypal for Android

If you are one of the thousands of users of this software you already know that this is one of the safest and most comfortable payment systems we have right now, especially when we want to make purchases over the Internet. If you already have your PayPal account and want to have the app to more easily manage all your payments and your accounts, PayPal is the app that you should download. As we all know, Paypal can be used from the web, since originally this platform was created to be opened through its website.

Paypal took care all the details of the app, because it is well designed with an aspect of the most refurbished. It includes an interface from which you can easily manage all the cards you have associated with your PayPal account, you can see the balance you have, the movements of the transactions you made but in a more comfortable and accessible interface from any place and time.

Send and request money quickly and safely

With the PayPal application, you can return to your friends what you owe them for that dinner together; request the money you advanced during the last order or send money to your loved ones quickly and easily.

When you send money to any people and also when you receive a payment, you will easily see all the movement in the principal page of your Paypal account. Every transactions you make, Paypal in order to give you a very close order of what you did in the app or the complete platform, Paypal sent you an email confirming you that the transactions was ok.

When you want to collect money for a group gift, a trip or special celebrations, the PayPal common fund will allow you to easily create a personalized page where your family, friends and colleagues can make their contributions.

The use of this app is very simple and you do not have to do many things to use it, just follow the steps that Paypal provides you, so if you already decided to use the Paypal app on your Android mobile we will explain how to install the application.

How to download the PayPal application on your Android mobile?

If you want to have the Paypal application within reach of your mobile, then we will explain how to download it quickly and easily on your phone. The first thing you have to do is go to your store, in this case, Google Play Store, there you will type in the Paypal search engine and you will see the company logo.

Follow the corresponding steps and wait for the application to be completely downloaded to your mobile, once you have done so. You must go out and look for the application on your desktop and if you already have your PayPal account, you just have to enter the data in order to start using it.