Download Paypal for Windows Phone

PayPal for a long time has gained reputation, for many people today, this platform is the safest to make and receive online payments. Paypal has the same functions as a physical bank but in this virtual case, with it you can make payments and you can receive money.

Paypal is listed as the queen of online payment platforms, so if you are a professional and want to use a virtual payment method, the best recommended option will always be Paypal.

Paypal is very safe, so you do not have to worry when making use of it wherever you go. You can use Paypal from your PC, mobile device or even from your tablet. As we mentioned before, Paypal is not available for Windows Phone devices, but that does not mean you cannot have it on your phone, today we will explain in a quick and easy way how you can download the Paypal application for your Windows Phone.

PayPal abandons its Windows Phone app to focus on iOS and Android

When you make purchases through the internet, having a security system becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, there are thousands of hackers worldwide who are waiting for someone to open an account in an insecure way to steal your data. Unfortunately as of version 6.0, Paypal is not available for Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and Fire OS.

But, you cannot be worried about the fact of having Windows phone with your Paypal account, you can access your account but through your mobile internet, either with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Through a statement on its website, PayPal says it has been a very difficult decision to stop supporting these mobile platforms, but believe it is the right decision to ensure that they are investing all their resources in creating a better experience for their customers. . In short, it does not compensate them to continue supporting Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and Fire OS, they will focus on the majority operating systems.

With a bit of luck, not everything is lost, maybe PayPal plans to launch a universal application for Windows 10, if so it could also be installed in Windows 10 Mobile. Although they have not said anything about all this, but the possibility is always there. We do not know if the PayPal application was used by many Windows Phone users, but the news does not do the platform any good.

If you want to have the application on your Windows Phone mobile, then you will have to download the Paypal APK, which you can get it on secure websites like APK Mirror, download it, give the corresponding permissions and you can have your application on your smartphone.

You only have to seek for the app and download it. Once you have the application, link it in your mobile device and make the relevant changes so that the phone allows you to download applications from unknown sources, and so in a few minutes you can enjoy paypal from your Windows Phone freely.