How to delete my PayPal account

When money is involved there is always a little fear, so, we tell you what is the correct process to close, definitely, your PayPal account. Paypal is the platform more use by people around the world, both among users and for commercial transactions. However, there are people who once opened their account within this platform and never use it, and in that case it is not worth having it open.

With more than 100 million accounts worldwide, it is used precisely with the aim of protecting the information of credit cards to try to avoid fraud or theft.

Y people has a PayPal account, but most people think that it is a way to transfer money or even use it as a digital wallet. You would be foolish to completely forget PayPal for business purposes, because it has always been, and still is, one of the most elegant options that exist. However, in these PayPal reviews, let’s take a look at what PayPal has to offer for the processing of business credit cards.

Remove a PayPal account

First of all, keep in mind that you cannot going back if you decide to close your Paypal account. The change of the account irreversible so take into account that, and could never be reopened again. You also have to be clear that, obviously, closing our PayPal account will cancel all scheduled or incomplete transactions, so it is important to resolve any operation that is pending to do so or it will be impossible.

You close the account if you have limitations, unresolved problems or balance. You have to have all the operations resolved and no pending debts so that the desired process can be initiated. You will have to delete your account if you receive an email confirmation, but if not you can continue with it in order to proceed with the closing.

If you have scheduled external payments from the PayPal account, change the form of payment, since when closing it they could not charge you the receipt and that could lead to legal problems with that part.

Although from PayPal clarify that you can only close the account if the balance is zero, it is more than advisable to make sure. Before starting the process, transfer the money you have to your bank to avoid dislikes, since then it will be more complicated to claim if there is any kind of problem. Wait for the relevant three or four days until the deposit is reflected in your bank account to close PayPal.

Therefore, and to avoid any type of repercussion, it is more than advisable to make absolutely sure everything is settled, both external payments, balance to zero, personal information with respect to third parties … It is not essential, but it is advisable to erase all that information to proceed at the final closing of the PayPal account that, we remember, is an irreversible decision.