How to open a PayPal account step by step

Paypal is a digital payment platform that has become very famous, with it you can make international payments and buy through the internet quickly and safely. This innovative way of sending and receiving payments over the Internet without having to give the data of our credit cards in unknown websites, makes the Paypal platform one of the most effective and safe ways to protect our savings accounts from possible fraud or usurpations . Our data is secured and protected by an automatic encryption method and multiple anti-fraud systems that are in continuous improvement and renewal.

Although Paypal can be known colloquially as “the online bank”, we must bear in mind that this payment system is not governed by the same statutes as banking entities, since, among other aspects, the user is not remunerated with an economic return for saving your money in this account.

Steps to open your Paypal account

If you completely decided to open your account, you need to start with the first steps in order to make correctly what you need. You have to go to the main page of this platform and click on the option to create a new account. When you specify what kind of account you want, the platform demand of you certain personal information in order to finish the process.

In this part you must provide data such as: Country of residence, Name, Surname, Email address and Password. Once given this information and selecting the “Continue” button you will be asked for more information about the style such as: Nationality, Address line, Zip code, City, Province, Phone number and Date of birth.

Finally click on accept and that’s it. Now comes the part that many of us omit naturally, you must confirm that you accept the terms of privacy. If you have a card, you must link it to give credibility to your Paypal account. To enter your canrd, you must enter the card number, expiration date and CVV or CVV.

You can create an account without having a credit card

If is it possible? There are 3 methods of payment and purchase via Internet available in Paypal:

• The balance of the Paypal account, which can be recharged by online bank transfers or third-party payments through Paypal.

• MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards.

• Debit cards Banamex, HSBC, Santander and Bancomer.

In short, your online portfolio can be recharged if you receive Paypal payments through the first option; In any case, it is essential to have a current account to transfer the money online and access to pay through this system.

In short, yes, it is possible to create an account in Paypal without having a credit card, as long as we have an account in the bank, as we have already said, although with certain limitations. Anyway, these small restrictions will not harm us too much in the daily use of the account, if we do not handle large amounts of money.

If you make correctly this steps you will have in a successful way your Paypal account and start to enjoy making buying and receiving payments from other people.