Steps to download Paypal for iOS

With e-commerce eCommerce stores became the new shopping centers for users, it is no longer necessary to move to a physical place to buy your favorite products, everything absolutely everything is within reach of your finger.

Using services such as Kloz for iPhone you can buy and discover clothes, which is a trend is just a tap. Select the clothes you like the most, add it to your shopping cart and make the transaction.

Of course, with the evolution of online purchases you also need virtual or plastic money, which is why many of these services support purchases with a credit card. Collaborative consumption has also been well received thanks to services such as Groupon for iOS, an application where you can find great discounts on products, services or travel experiences.

The use of Groupon is very simple, companies make available restricted coupons, these are only enabled if X amount of people buy the same service, which is why it is known as collaborative consumption.

With PayPal for iPhone you can send and receive money from your mobile

Previously we mentioned that purchases in eCommerce stores are made with credit cards, but if you do not want to be putting your card number there are services like Paypal.

This platform always seeks to take care of your banking information, since you only have to include your email and password and make the payment and the store where you are buying will only receive the payment and not from what account or card is made.

Surely you already know, Paypal, the famous electronic purse service that allows you to send, pay and receive money from one place.

Make payments or purchases without compromising your credit card information

The first thing you have to do to have the application on your iPhone, is to search for it in your iOS Store and follow the appropriate steps to download the app on your smartphone. Installing PayPal on your iPhone creates your account totally free, then you must enter your credit card information. Then, when paying in an eCommerce, it is only necessary to place your email and password to confirm the transaction, so you will pay without having to show your card information.

Send money to PayPal users around the world in a matter of seconds, it is available for more than 100 countries. To send the money you only need to know the email or phone number of the recipient. Managing your money online is easy, safe and free with this application.

Best of all, the application is supported by millions of e-commerce stores around the world, mainly because it is the best payment processor, a perfect ally for your business.

When they receive money, they can use it to buy on the Internet or transfer it to their bank account. The only thing you have to take into account is the commission that charges the service for receiving your money, you can install the free Paypal application for iPhone from the App Store.